Monday, June 13, 2011

How Is the Real Estate Market in Midland, MI?

How is the Real Estate Market?
There are few days that pass when I do not get this question from friends and clients. In the past, each time I attempt to answer that question, I have been caught off guard because it is so easy to see the market in a negative light. Network news portrays the real estate market in shambles with an emphasis on foreclosures and the mortgage crisis.
This question is a bit like a job interview question: in most interviews, one is asked, “Why do you want this job?” Even with rehearsal, it is easy to fall into the trap of anticipating what answer that person is fishing to hear.
So with this in mind, here is how we answer the question, “How is the Real Estate market in Midland?” We answer with honesty, confidence, and a positive perspective. We consider the glass half full. We consider the market to be UNBELIEVABLE! Why unbelievable? Because the opportunities out there are just that…unbelievable.
At Park Place Homes the real estate market in Midland is vibrant, exciting, challenging, and unbelievable. So the next time I am asked this question I will simply say, “The market is great in Midland and especially vibrant (and unbelievable) at Park Place Homes.”
To prove that point, here is how Park Place Homes stacks up:
In 2010, we sold 29% more of our homes than the board average. We sold these homes, on average, 34 days faster, AND we sold them at over 2.5% closer to list price. Call us to find out how we can sell your home, too!

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