Monday, January 30, 2012

Park Place Homes Moves You...And Us!

We have outgrown our space! In just 3 short years, we grew from 2 agents, to 7 agents, and gone up to 6.56% market share. We have our clients and customers to thank for our growth.

So, what did we do to grow so fast? We are still selling more of our listings than our Midland competition, selling 45% of our listed properties. (24% are still listed.) Compare that to the board average of selling just 36% of the listed properties.

We sold more of our homes, faster and at a better price, on average in 2010 and 2011. Our record speaks for itself...and THAT is why we have outgrown our space.

Our new office will be at 1007 E Wackerly Rd, Midland, across from the Midland Tennis Center, and next to the Midland Gymnastics Training Center.

Thank you, Midland, for all of your support.

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