Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Quick Tips to Boost Wintertime Curb Appeal

  The weather may be bleak, but your house doesn't have to be!  Help potential buyers see past the snow and ice by following these quick and simple tips:

1. Break out the shovel. Clear the snow from your driveway, walking paths, and sidewalks.  This tip is as much for curb appeal as it is for safety.  You would like your potential buyers to make it to your front door without slipping, wouldn't you?  Removing snow early and often will prevent ice from building up and make it less likely that you’ll need to salt.  If you have too much snow for just a shovel to clear, remember that you can rent a snow blower!
2. Don’t stop in the front.  Shovel off the back deck to show its size and to make the area more inviting.  Leaving the grill uncovered during showings and setting out some weather resistant patio furniture is a great way to help buyers envision themselves in the space despite the unwelcoming weather.
3. Keep it light.  With fewer daylight hours, it is more likely that buyers will be looking at your house while it’s dark outside.  Replace any exterior light bulbs that have burnt out and be sure to leave those lights on in the evenings.  If weather permits, think about adding pathway lighting or accent flood lights to highlight your home’s architecture.
4. Boost the color.  Wreaths are a great way to add color during the drab winter months.  A simple green wreath or a sprayed metallic wreath with colorful (and tasteful) ribbon, will add visual effect to your home.  Also consider adding planters to your front door area.  Use terracotta pots, baskets, or even a galvanized tub filled with plants that can tolerate the winter weather such as evergreen, holly, and ornamental cabbage.
5. Tidy up.  Make sure those toys from last fall aren't peeking through the snow.  Rakes, soccer balls, and bikes should be neatly tucked away in an appropriate place.  Winter boots and weather wear should also be put away during showings.  Be sure to set out a mat in your entryway for buyer’s snowy boots and shoes.
Do you have any other tips for wintertime curb appeal?

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