Thursday, April 11, 2013

Top 10 Exterior Maintenance Tips to Keep Your House in Selling Condition

Last week we discussed some of those forgotten areas inside your home that may be in need of spring cleaning and upkeep.  This week we have a quick list of ten outdoor spring cleaning and upkeep tasks:
      1. Whether brick, stucco, or siding inspect your home’s exterior for cracks, loose pieces, leaks, or water damage.  Replace rotted siding or trim, properly fill cracks and leaks, and keep your home looking beautiful.

      2. Check the ground around your foundation for areas that have been washed out by poorly directed downspouts or piled snow and ice.  Any place in your yard where water can pool could quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes or lead to unwanted water in your basement, so fill it in.
      3. Prep your garden for spring flowers and rake your lawn to remove dead material and debris- this can help restore it to its green glory more quickly (just make sure you don’t rake too early in the season).

      4. Test your outdoor water spigot for leaky pipes by turning on the water and covering the faucet with your thumb.  If you can stop the flow, there is a chance you may have a leak somewhere up the line.

      5. Wash your windows inside and out!  Don’t be afraid to have them professionally done, especially if your house is or will soon be on the market.  If you’re going to put screens up for the summer make sure you wash those as well.

      6. If you used salt to keep your driveway, deck, and paths from becoming icy this winter, a good power wash may be needed to keep those surfaces from deteriorating.

      7. Set your patio furniture back up.  This makes the area look more inviting, even if it’s too cold to actually use it.  Are your cushions faded and worn? It might be time to replace them!

      8. The weight of snow and ice may have damaged your gutters.  Make sure that they are not sagging or drooping and that the downspouts are directing water away from the house.  Also clean out any debris that may have collected in them.

      9. From the ground, survey your roof for missing, cracked, or loose shingles.  Make sure that your chimney is free of vegetation and white calcium-like deposits- these can be signs of water infiltration.

      10. Rid your front door, mail box, and exterior lighting of winter residue.  A clean front door and mailbox can add to your curb appeal- you may even want to consider giving them a fresh coat of paint.  Clean the bugs and leaves out of outdoor lighting fixtures and wash the glass.

      Brad Vander Vliet, Park Place REALTOR and Property Manager (and our resident Mr. Fix-It) recommends doing home-maintenance on a regular basis because “it costs you far more dollars to bring it back to where it should be.”  Save yourself a headache and unnecessary cost and take preventative action today.  The more you do now the less you’ll have to do when it comes time to sell!

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