Thursday, May 9, 2013

Trend with Caution

There is a lot of pressure on sellers today to have their homes looking like something straight off an HGTV show (watch REALTOR Shelley Park’s interview to hear her take on this).  This leads a lot of people to think they need to decorate in the latest trends in order to stay ahead of their competitors.  While it may be true that an updated house is a plus, an exceedingly “trendy” house may simply make it hard for buyers to envision themselves in the space- especially if they aren't hip to the latest trends.
We've compiled a short list of current décor trends that you should approach with caution if you’re thinking about, or are in the process of, selling your home.

Chevron and Stripes.  Sure it's a fun pattern, but not everyone may be crazy about it.  Instead of installing chevron back splash or painting an entire wall in stripes, stick to a pillow.

                                                    Good                                      Not so good

Wall Decals.  Always kiss me goodnight… yes, that’s sweet but it doesn't appeal to the masses.  Neither does that whimsical little tree, or your favorite NFL star.  If you’re going to sell, decorate with art that it a little less permanent looking.

                                                Good                                            Not so good
 Photo Source:; - Brittsfineart

Ombre Painted Stairs.  Let’s be honest, ombre wedding cakes are cool and Lauren Conrad and Sara Jessica Parker pulled off the hairstyle pretty well; but taking it to the stairs may be a bit much, especially for your average buyer.

                                                        Good                            Not so good

Photo Source:; Real Simple Magazine March 2013 

Owls and Peacocks.  As a rule of thumb when staging a home, less is more.  Keep those owl figurines to a tasteful number, no need to display a 15 piece collection.  And peacock feather patterns are lovely, but an entire room done in it may be a bit overwhelming.

                                               Good                                              Not so good

Neon and Bold Colors.  Don’t misunderstand us here, we love color (we have red couches in our office) but emerald green, cobalt blue, and fuchsia pink walls can be hard to look past.  Keep your color to removable accent items.

                                                       Good                                Not so good

Remember, style is wonderful but it is also personal. Keep it simple and subtle if you want to attract buyers!

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