Thursday, June 20, 2013

Park Place Perks: REALTOR© Tour

In our area, Real Estate professions "tour" on Wednesdays.  Essentially, tour is an open house strictly for REALTORS.  Not all Real Estate offices participate in REALTOR Tours, and not all REALTORS ask their clients to put their home on tour, but at Park Place Homes we make a point to participate every week.  As a Park Place Homes client or future client, you may ask "what's the benefit to me?"

It makes Park Place Homes REALTORS better agents.
Park Place REALTORS participate in tour because it is a great way to stay informed about the houses available in our market.  Some REALTORS think that simply perusing photos of listings via the MLS system they can learn all they need to about available homes; but we realize that layout and the overall feel of a home don't always translate into photograph.  By actually walking through a home our agents are better able to determine if that listing is a good match for one of their buyers.  Familiarity with local inventory helps them to take you through homes that are a better fit with your list of needs and desires.
Walking through homes on tour also helps our agents to price their listings correctly.  The more they know about local inventory, the better they are able to plan a successful pricing and marketing strategy for your home.

As a seller, it gives your house a strong first step into the market.
Putting your home on tour is a great way gain exposure and generate conversation among local Real Estate Agents.  It is a simple way to get REALTORS into your house so that they can make a mental note of it- perhaps it would be the perfect match for one of their buyers!
REALTOR tour is a chance for you to get feedback from the rest of the Park Place team on any ways you can help your home sell more quickly.  Perhaps they have ideas about how to better stage your home, or attributes that should be highlighted in the listing.  Remember, when you chose Park Place Homes you're getting the expertise of the entire office.
Finally, tour gives Park Place REALTORS a chance to familiarize themselves with all of our office's listings.  We make a point to visit every one of the homes listed by fellow Park Place REALTORS.  This means that even if your REALTOR is unavailable, any one of our agents is capable of speaking to someone looking for information about your house.  Having been through your home and talked with your agent about it, we make sure that an opportunity to sell your home is never missed.

If you'd like to learn more about the Perks of choosing Park Place Homes, visit our website or give the office a call at 989-698-1100!

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