Friday, June 7, 2013

The Scent of Cookies Just Wont Cut It.

Strange odors automatically raise questions of how well a home has been maintained, not to mention that they're just unpleasant.  Don't attempt to simply cover smells with air fresheners or cookies popped in the oven a few minutes before a showing.

Removing odors from your home can be an inexpensive, simple, and effective way to make sure buyers are able to focus on your home's better qualities.  The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to leave your house saying "it smelled like dog in there... and I don't think they even have a dog".

Do your best to locate the source of unpleasant smells and, if possible, remove it.  Next, give your home a thorough cleaning, and choose an odor-removing option that fits your needs.
Here's a short list:

Baking soda:
  -Sprinkle it on carpets, let it sit for at least 15 minutes, then vacuum it up.
  -Pour some down your sink drain and let it sit in the garbage disposal for 10-15 minutes before running the disposal with plenty of water.
  -Leave a small container of baking soda in your fridge, the cabinet under your sink, and wherever the garbage is kept.
  -Wipe down hard surfaces with a rag moistened in a warm water and baking soda solution.

White Vinegar:
  -Microwave a bowl of 50/50 vinegar, water for several minutes then wipe down the microwave walls with a damp cloth.
  -Place a glass bowl of vinegar on the top rack of the dishwasher, or empty a large cup of vinegar into an empty dishwasher and run through an entire cycle.
  -Moisten a cloth with vinegar to remove grime from stove tops, exhaust fan grids, and the top of the refrigerator.
  -Pour three cups of vinegar into the toilet and let sit for an hour.
  -Simply set out a bowl of vinegar overnight if you're unsure of where an odor is originating.

Other simple solutions:
  -Use fresh coffee beans or grounds in a cloth bag to remove the stale smell from closets.
  -Change the filter in your furnace.
  -Place activated charcoal packets in your air ducts.
  -Vacuum upholstered furniture, or if the material removable, wash it - make sure you follow instructions including dry cleaning if necessary.
  -If you have a smoker in the house, wipe down your light bulbs.  Cigarette smoke can leave a residue on bulbs that smells when heated.
  -If your home odor issues are severe or these basic steps haven't worked, consider renting an ozone generator.  This will require you to vacate the space temporarily but is very effective.

If you think you may need some professional help, check out the Park Place Homes website for local companies we recommend.

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