Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Alternatives to Your Formal Dining Room

A lot of homes have a designated formal dining room and it's a space that buyers today still look for; but many families only use their dining room three or four times a year.  People transform spare bedrooms into craft rooms, home offices, why do we feel obligated to keep a formal dining room that we never use? Break the mold and start using the space your home has to offer in whatever way you like.

Need some inspiration? Here are seven alternative uses of a dining room:

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1. Home Office-  Be free to work from home without commandeering the kitchen table. You could even class it up a bit and meet clients there if you like!

2. Lounge/Bar- Take your entertaining to the next level and add a wet bar, lounge seating, and nice stereo system.
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3. Morning cafe/Command center-  Need more space for backpacks, printers, files, Add a cafe table to sort mail, read       the paper, write out the family calendar, and       enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

    4. Guest room- If there is room for a dining       table, there is probably space a bed.  You             could even use a Murphy Bed and make your     new guest room multi-functional!

     5. Play/game/media room- Toys and game        systems no longer need to clutter the family        room. They can have a room of their own!          Add a table for crafts and puzzles...or maybe      a pool table.

     6. Library/Reading room- Add open shelving      and create a tranquil sanctuary filled with          your favorite reading chair. And don't forget      a side table for your tea.

     7. Hobby room- need a place for that "thing"      you do?  A music room, meditation room,          craft room, studio space, or even a rec room.      It's your space, use it however you want!

But wait...before you drag the dining room table to the curb, there are a few things you should consider. Make sure you have a strongly defined purpose for the room, first and foremost, or the space will likely become the spot for all those things that don't have a spot. You can have a junk drawer, but you don't need a whole room. Second, think about any structural changes you may need to make. Do you need to have storage or shelving made, electrical run, or doors added to the room for privacy? Finally, consider the room's location within your house.  How will it look to visitors as they walk by?  If the room is open to the kitchen, it may not be the best place for a guest room... Think about it and make a plan before you move forward. Then, start really living in your home!


  1. Love these ideas!

  2. Nice post. These alternatives are useful for creating more usable dining room space and also play a significant role in our home remodeling. Our first choice is to decide whether it will primarily be a formal or casual dining atmosphere. Thanks for sharing incredible usage of the dining room.

  3. Well written post. All you have shared ideas are useful and fabulous. These are really ingenious to make my home impressive. Thanks for sharing this post.