Thursday, November 21, 2013

Do's and Don'ts: Selling Your Home During the Holidays

The holidays can be a highly rewarding time to have your home on the market, but it isn't always easy. We understand that keeping the house show-ready while surviving the countless parties and pageants may be a stretch. On the very bright side, the people who continue to house hunt during this time of year are likely serious buyers! To help you get the most from your showings this season we have a short of list of Do's and Don'ts for your holiday decor:

Traditional Living Room
Don't: Clutter-up what you de-cluttered when prepping to sell.
Do: Pare down decorations. Keep it simple and clean.
This might not be the year to display your 62-piece Santa Bear collection. But don't worry! You can use it next year in your new home. This tasteful example (on left) doesn't distract from the home's natural beauty.

Madame Butterfly Designs
Don't: Cover up selling features with decorations.
Do: Use decorations to highlight selling features.
Consider moving the tree into a corner where it won't block architectural features, or perhaps near a lovely stairwell where it will enhance a feature. The picture on the right depicts a tree blocking a window and a doorway- a poor choice for someone trying sell.

Michelle Edwards

Don't: Assault potential buyers' noses.
Do: Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
Flameless candles allow you to create a cozy feel in your home without the fire hazard or seasonal smells. You may like that scent, but buyers could be sensitive to it or simply be bothered. Arranging flameless candles in your fireplace is another nice way to accent a great selling feature with your holiday decor!

Don't: Try to out-decorate your neighbors.
Do: Remember that curb appeal is important, especially in the colder months!
Keep paths clear of snow and leaves and safe for visitors. Decorate your home so that buyers' feel welcomed in from the cold. 
Remember that less is more...

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