Friday, December 20, 2013

Trend Alert

'Tis the season for projections and predictions regarding the coming year's trends. As always we urge you to use caution when considering decor and design trends as most are sure to come and go in the blink of an eye- you may recall our Trend With Caution blog...
We've done some research and come up with the top "trends" that we think are most likely to catch on in a long-term way:

The return of warmth: For a while now industrial materials and stark minimalism have left homes feeling a bit cold and harsh. Not any more. Hammered and dulled brass is gaining popularity along with a comfortable mix of wood, tile, and metallic finishes. Clean lines and a lack of clutter aren't going anywhere, but they're likely to be surrounded by a bit more warmth.
Photo credit: Neil Kelly Co.

Don't do it yourself:  As the recession seems to be waning people are a bit more at ease hiring someone to do their home projects. The DIY theme of the past decade is giving way to the expertise of local professionals ready and willing to help you.

Technology comes home: From electrical sockets with USB ports to motion sensing faucets, technology is making its way into the house. And not only are home appliances and devices getting smarter, but they can now link to your smart phone in some instances. Control your home's temperature and set the security system from across town?  Why not!

Nature and nurture: Interior Designs incorporating raw finishes and natural materials are on the rise. This extends to eco-friendly materials that are kind to the environment and welcome calming nature indoors. Energy efficient appliances and "green" amenities are becoming an expectation rather than a perk.

We'll keep you posted on how these themes for the year progress is our local market. Keep an eye out!

Are there trends that you're curious about or would like to see us write about? Leave a comment!

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