Friday, April 18, 2014

The Home of Tomorrow

The Michigan Association of REALTORS® recently published an article in "Michigan REALTOR®" explaining four rising trends believed to be shaping the home of tomorrow. Author Deirdre Sullivan of wrote, "the home of tomorrow isn't about Jetson-esque wonders and smartphone apps. It's about home value, the environment, and our lifestyles".
Active Greywater Toilet: Caroma

Here's a breakdown of the trends Sullivan noted and how you may see them take shape:

1) Extreme Energy Efficiency
    What to look for:
      -Smarter use of water in the loo through waterless toilets, which are a step further than their low-flow brothers, and grey water systems which reuse household water.
      -Garages wired for electric vehicles. This trend is already taking up permanent residency in Palo Alto, California where building code now requires new homes to be wired for electric car chargers.

2) The Rise of Super Storms
    What to look for:
      -Generators capable of running the whole house. A home generator can not only keep your household functioning for days during a storm, but approximately 52% of the cost of a generator can also be recouped.

3) The Locally Grown Movement
    What to look for:
      -Indoor gardens are likely the next step in the push for healthier food and responsible purchasing. These handy little green spaces combat rising food prices (attributed to transportation costs) and can actually improve air quality within the home and offer a boost to a gloomy disposition.

4) Sophisticated Appliances and Fixtures
    What to look for:
      -"Multi-purpose uber appliances", says Sullivan. Just as the smartphone has eliminated the need for an alarm clock or CD player, General Electric predicts that by 2025 our sinks will also act as dishwashers, our washing machines will also fold our clothes, and kitchen faucets will dispense water, ice, miscellaneous beverages and even vitamins.

So far we haven't seen many of these trends take shape in the Midland real estate market, but you can bet we'll be the first to tell you when they do! In the mean time, if you're looking for your home of tomorrow give us a call or browse our website for more info on the homes available today!

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